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One 10 ml bottle contains  110-113 mg of MIT equilvalent to 7-8 grams of plain leaf (3 servings per bottle)

2-pack or 4-pack capsules. Can enhance cognition and concentration. Contains 50 mg of MIT per capsule + Phenibut*

ULTRA hush Koffee flavored. 80% pure alkaloid content (3 servings per bottle)

80 gm of caffeine in a 2 oz bottle, 4-5 g of plain leaf powder equivalent to 63-65 mg of MIT.

15 soft gels per jar, each contains 15 mg of MIT.

3-pack capsule, each equivalent to 6-7 g of plain leaf.

 Liquid full spectrum 170-175 mg MIT equilvalent to 4 grams of powder per 3.3 serving- total >270 mg of MIT for entire bottle.

10 ml bottle contains 107-113 mg of MIT equivalent to 7-8 g of powder. Nano molecule formula for quick onset and better absorption.

Flavored and unflavored: 3 servings per bottle, 155 mg of MIT per bottle.

12 different flavors to choose from. Contains 100mg of MIT, two servings in 1 packet. Mix with water.

35mg of MIT per gummy, 10 in a pack. 


15 ml bottle with 2 servings contains 100 g of MIT 

Tropic Enhanced Energy
2-pack Capsules or Liquid Tincture
Pink lightening lemonade flavor, good for focus, 
clarity with zero crash
Caffeine 100mg, T
eaCrine/Dynamine 100mg
with 100mg MIT per cap/or per bottle.


80 g of kratom, 100 g Phenibut. Similar to the Nootropics. Disclaimer: contains ethyl alcohol for preservation.

2 ounce bottle, 4 servings, contains 55mg of caffeine  and 100+mg of MIT or 8-10 grams of plain leaf powder.

3 servings per 15 ml bottle; 83 g of MIT per serving.

8.8 ml bottle. 120 mg of MIT per bottle, unfiltered, >270 mg alkaloids.
*comparable to Hush Platinum liquid

65mg of 45% MIT,30mg of MIT per soft gel. Contains 20 soft gels, 1 is one serving. 

45% .5gram  tablets. One tablet is equivalent to 110 mg of MIT. Quantity unlimited.


Three different flavors; chocolate, vanilla, or cinnamon. 10 cookies in a bag. 25grams of extract each. Good to dip and eat with coffee.


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